vloggers abusing GO FUND ME on u-tube


happy-businessman-with-money_23-2147512937Is ‘go fund me’ being misused on u-tube?  Who is to say what the right way to use a ‘go fund me’ account is the right or wrong way?  Why not start a ‘go fund me’ account on u-tube for a brand new computer?  It sounds like a great idea!  But, is it right to ask for viewers to donate money for such a thing?  This is a question that nail u-tube vlogger Katrina Kaboom brought up just today on her channel.  Katrina is known to be a whistle blower at times besides giving candid commentary on many nail polishes found on the market today.  Some interesting points were brought up by Katrina about u-tube ‘go fund me’ accounts and beauty makeup vlogger Bailey Van Der Veen who started one for getting a brand new Mac book.

To be clear, anyone has the right to start a ‘go fund me’ account on u-tube for any reason whatsoever.  But, does it really matter if the reason is bad if it’s not breaking any rules?  In the last 24 hours beauty makeup vlogger Van Der Veen started a ‘go fund me’ account stating, ‘I need a new computer’ and that her computer is ‘old as balls.’  She is asking for $2,000 dollars from viewers.  Her video is complete with dramatic music in the background and her asking repeatedly for viewers to ‘donate just one dollar.’

There is not right and wrong way or reason to ask for funds.  And it’s completely okay with u-tube to start a ‘go fund me’ account for any reason whatsoever.  However, when I look at past videos make by Van Der Veen one can see she uses ‘high end’ makeup.  She has an ultra huge amount of makeup like many beauty gurus have on u-tube.  Why is Bailey asking for money when she can and should sell her makeup to get funds for a new computer?  In addition, Van Der Veen was selected to be part of the highly sought after ‘NYX Makeup Awards’ in 2015.  She obviously knows the basics of makeup application.  Usually being part of the ‘NYX Makeup Awards’ brings some amount of notoriety.  Why isn’t this girl booking makeup jobs with clients for extra money?

Regardless of what I think Bailey already has had a couple people donate money to her already. Miracles never do cease.  Is it beside the point most Mac books are less than $2,000 dollars?  Why can’t she get a new or used PC for less money?  Either way she will probably have her new Mac book in no time as surely donations will keep rolling in.




Van Der Veen got the entire $2,000 dollar amount she was asking for from her viewers in about 2 days.  Shortly after getting the $2,000 dollars she marked her video as private.  Because of this unfortunately it is not possible to post a link for others to view this act of asking people to pay for something she with all due respect should have paid for herself.




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