Finding WITCH HAZEL in Mexico

striped-witch-hatIn Mexico WITCH HAZEL is called AUGA DE HAMAMELIS or you can just call it ‘hamamelis.’ Usually WITCH HAZEL is made by Novap Farmacéutica. In the United States this magic substance is plentiful and substantial bottles can be found on shelves in any drugstore or large department stores like Walmart or Target for around $3 dollars or less. But, in Mexico this is not the case. Witch Hazel can be found at some large Walmart stores or pharmacies if you hit it right when they have a shipment. The price is always substantially higher than it is in the states. But, if you want the product you have to pay the price.

Witch Hazel is great for cleaning the pores in your skin. But, everyone knows that. I want it for a different reason…
I found out that from internet makeup guru Wayne Goss that if you mix 10% WITCH HAZEL with 80% bottled water (non tap water) and 10% glycerin in a spray bottle… You can spray it on your face for a homemade spray fix for your makeup to last longer.

And yet someone else said you can use WITCH HAZEL as a insect repellent. I am getting me some WITCH HAZEL! I can be wearing my makeup all day long without smuging and keep insects off me at the same time!

ingredients… Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) (All Natural), Alcohol (14%) (and), Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) Extract

















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