damn good cream LIPSTICK under $2 dollars



This may the best cheapest drugstore lipstick under $2.00 dollars your not wearing…  What is it?  It’s the BLACK RADIANCE PERFECT TONE LIP COLOR lipstick line.  Some people have said if Black Radiance placed their lipstick into a YSL bullet no one would know the difference!  I know CRAZY right?  These lipsticks come in creme and frost formulas, are pigmented, provide great moisture and feel very ‘high-end.’ On the official BLACK RADIANCE site they have 21 beautiful shades that range from deep browns, golds, purples, reds to pinks.


I think we have all passed by the understated Black Radiance cosmetics section at the store at one time or another.  No, it does not have cute over the top packaging like Too Faced or the coveted flashy YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) bullets.  The Black Radiance bullets are plain black plastic with a simple gold sticker around the tube displaying the brand.  But, if you want good a great lipstick under $2.00 each this is a fantastic option!

Black Radiance can be found at the drugstores like Walmart and Rite Aid  for $1.99 each.  At times drugstore will have these lipsticks on sale for half off or buy one get one free.  Or, you can buy their products on the official Black Radiance website which offers 15% off the first order with registration.
















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