best SHEER LIPSTICK drugstore


My new obsession is sheer lipstick.  I love a sheer lipstick!  The colors go with anything!  At first I was against the sheerness.  I wanted something that would be a full opaque formula and would completely cover my natural lip color.  But, now I realize there is value in having a sheer option rolling around the bottom of my purse!  They are great for those ‘after eating moments’ when your husband or boyfriend is rushing you to leave a restaurant because he has to get home to watch a football game and flipping out a mirror would be way to much for him to handle.  Or, for those times when your walking in the mall and in a complete moment of shock you realize for some ungodly reason you forgot to put lipstick on that day and must slap something on your mouth immediately.  Yes, in these situations an easy application of a slight pop of color is what’s needed.

There are many great drugstore options out there to choose from.  Some of my favorites are oldies but goodies.  I am really a fan of Revlon Lustrous lipsticks.  They come in creme, matte, shine and pearl finishes.  Some of my favorites are sparkling cider and caramel glace.

wet n wild silk finishI do not find the shimmer to be over the top in these formulas!  Applying these during the day to give lips a break from drying matte lipstick is fabulousness! There is also the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter line with colors like pink truffle a pink mauve light brownish hue and berry smoothie a cool pink pearl hue.  This line looks nice on the lips, is moisturizing and the formula is not too soft.  Last but not least there’s an understated hero, for $0.99 cents.  It’s a short affair #501C from Wet N Wild.  This color is a very sheer soft creme pink hue that glides on easily, is moisturizing, not too soft and actually smells nice.  I have several bullets of this around my house so when I need to grab one quickly it is always near.  What’s your favorite sheer lipstick?




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