Dupe MANNY MUA mug palette

So, Manny MUA on u-tube came out with an eye shadow palette $45 dollars.  No small chunk of change.  I do prefer drugstore makeup when it comes down to it.  But, the question I’m posing is, ‘Are there dupes at the drugstore for the Manny MUA palette?’  I feel there is.  The colors themselves are nice but not a life changer.  So, I’ve made an easy to read diagram.  Some colors are closer than others.  But, would anyone know once they are on your eyes?  Lets take a look at some affordable dupes and you be the judge.  And if you know of any other dupes please list them in the comments!

Please note…  All eye shadows in Manny MUA eyeshadow palette diagram are in the same order as the original Manny MUA eye shadow palette by Makeup Geek.


diagram mua





1., 2. and 3. Wet N Wild


4.  Milani


5.  NYX


6.  Wet N Wild


7.  NYX


8.  ULTA

*The plum color in the actual Manny palette is a ‘brown plum’ color.  Difficult to find a close match to this one.  But, I feel ‘eggplant’ is a beautiful alternative that would blend well with all the other shades.


9.  Miliani

*if you add a little black to this color it will look more like the original color in the Manny palette.


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