Why don’t BEAUTY VLOGGERS have better giveaways?  I mean really!  I have been wanting to write on this subject for a long time now.  It is somewhat common knowledge these days BEAUTY VLOGGERS can get a large amount of PR free makeup if they have a certain amount of subscribers.  Basically the more subs one has the more free makeup comes your way.  Some BEAUTY VLOGGERS have entire videos dedicated to the mass amouts of free makeup they receive.  The mass of free products being distributed to these BEAUTY VLOGGERS boggles the mind.  But, what blows my mind even more is when bloggers have ‘give aways’ and only use the free makeup they have been given.  And they only give that if there is a double of the product.  It forces one to ponder…  Is it that important for beauty bloggers to have the entire set of Too Faced lipsticks in the background when they film?  And I have to pose my 2nd thought on this subject matter…  Why don’t any BEAUTY VLOGGERS ever seem to sterilize the PR makeup they are sent much the way MAC does at the makeup counter and send it for free to whichever subscribers may be interested?  But, no beauty vloggers seem to as a general rule keep everything they are sent.  They hoard their PR makeup, keep it sitting in the background and would rather let it go bad than send it to possible subscribers as a ‘thank you’ for watching their videos.

But, I got off the subject slightly in my rant.  A trend I have noticed in the beauty community is that the ‘give aways’ leave a great deal to be desired.  Some beauty vloggers have entire collections of Too Faced, Color Pop, Miliani, Revlon, etc.  None of these makeup brands are really what I would label as ‘cheap.’  Even with drugstore makeup, once you pick up a few items marked between $5 – $10 dollars it only takes a little bit to get to the $100 dollar mark.  Anyway…  So, many of the ‘give aways’ are a few free ELF lipsticks and other products from the line they happened to get dupes of for PR.  Other times there are so few products included in ‘give aways’ it hardly would seem thrilling for anyone to ‘win’ the ‘give away.’

I just feel beauty vloggers need to think about how they would have nothing with the subscribers.  And they would not have access to all the free PR makeup if no one watched their channel.














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