Makeup Revolution I HEART CHOCOLATE eye shadow palettes




A great option for those who want some great eye shadow colors at a fraction of the price is the MAKEUP REVOLUTION ‘I heart chcolate’ line of eye shadow palettes.  These can be found on the official MAKEUP REVOLUTION website.  The colors are great, the packaging is cute and the price is right at $10 dollars each.  Much like the Too Faced ‘chocolate bar’ eye shadow palette line most of the I Love Chocolate line has colors that are very neutral.  It really comes down to if you like warm neutrals, cool neutrals, a mix of both or soft pastels.  I did throw the MAKEUP REVOLUTION ‘I heart chocolate pink fizz’ into the discussion because although it has some purple and pink pastels for the most part it is all ‘neutral.’

Something interesting to keep in mind…  You could go out and buy all of the I Love Chocolate eye shadow palettes listed here for around $50 dollars.  Or, you could buy one Too Faced chocolate bar palette for $50 dollars.  For me its no contest.  I’d buy every single one of the I love chocolate bar palettes and drown myself in neutral eye shadow cute packaging bliss!


I Heart Makeup ‘death by chocolate’



I Heart Makeup ‘I love chocolate’



I Heart Makeup ‘chocolate salted caramel’



I Heart Makeup ‘naked chocolate’



I Heart Makeup ‘I heart chocolate pink fizz’




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