DUMPSTER DIVE makeup your buying



So, you like to go on ebay and buy makeup?  Maybe you like to buy beauty products that are slightly used from individuals willing to sell their stuff at a low price.  Of course you can sterilize  makeup like they do at MAC counters located everywhere.  Thousands of people mill through MAC stores swatching every lipstick, eyes shadow and blush they can get their hands on.  But, we still sleep well and rest easy at night knowing MAC stores sterilize all testers by standards set by the makeup industry.  So, why not buy makeup slightly used off the internet?  I mean ‘GLAMBOT’ has made an entire business off selling used makeup on the internet.  And there are many FACEBOOK groups whose sole focus is to swap and sell used makeup.  What’s the problem?

Well, lets begin with where and how certain individuals may have gotten their beauty products in the first place.  Lately, in our society it has become socially acceptable to do ‘dumpster diving.’  This is a practice where individuals go through garbage bins usually outside mall areas and search for thrown away beauty treasures.  In the past it has not bothered me that people are choosing to do this.  Whatever people choose t to slather all over their face is a personal choice and I am not going to tell them they are wrong.  However, beauty and makeup ‘dumpster diving’ individuals have stated again and again on u-tube videos of their dumpster excursions that they sell their finds on ebay!  So, you may in fact end up with some of their dumpster diving trophies!

The idea of t  his puts up all kinds of red flags.  One must ask if these beauty product ‘dumpster diving’ people are specifying their products were found in a garbage bin?  Are they sterilizing the items correctly before selling them?  Again, this would be more of an issue for me due to the fact that the thing was found in the garbage.  The question has to come up at some point for the seller if they ‘should’ or if they ‘have to’ disclose how got the item.  I highly doubt sellers of ‘dumpster diving’ items want everyone to know where they found product because it would affect if they made the sale.  A somewhat well-known ‘dumpster diver’ on u-tube called ‘Mom The Ebayer’ in a video titled, ‘Dumpster Diving: Massive Makeup Haul Every Woman’s Dream Findings’ shows the audience a huge rat in one of the bins she went through.  Some people may feel no amount of sterilization would be enough in that situation.  But what if you didn’t know as a buyer the lipsticks you are making a bid on were found in a rat infested garbage bin?

Another young fresh beginner ‘dumpster’ queen searching for fabulous finds posted a video on UTUBE about her adventure by the name of ‘Geraldy Silva‘ in a video called, ‘My First Dumpster Diving Haul EVER!!!!!’  Again in this video ‘Silva’ shockingly stated she would also be selling some of her items on Ebay.  The thing is I really don’t care if anyone chooses to ‘dumpster dive.’  But, I don’t want to put in a bid for an eye shadow palette I’m thinking is ‘lightly used’ by some young girl to find out later she actually grabbed it out of the garbage.

Selling things from ‘dumpster diving’ adventures has taking things to another category in the beauty community we all need to be aware of.  Kinda makes my stomach turn a little bit to think someone may buy makeup that was found in the garbage.  So, to wrap this up I say buyer beware on Ebay or any internet site where they are selling ‘used’ makeup.

Please note:  A post about this article was already deleted on Twitter.  This is an editorial article reporting on and or criticizing information I came across on ‘dumpster diving.’  Information used in article is public and falls within the guidelines of Fair Use Doctrine Copyright Act (Title 17).

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