Ya…  That’s right.  I ran to my computer and ordered some yellow powder because Kim Kardashians makeup artist stated he used Ben Nye banana powder on her.  I thought it would be great stuff.  Everyone wants glowing highlighted skin like Kim right?

My personal story….  

I really wanted some banana powder but was unsure at the time where to order it from.  When I found yellow ‘banana’ powder on the ELF site called e.l.f. High Definition Powder during the holiday season for 50% off I was thrilled.  Of course I bought several large containers of the stuff.

My skin tone is ‘fair,’ only slightly darker than porcelain with a neutral tone neither yellow or pink.  Anyway…  When I applied the yellow ELF powder under my eyes it created a pretty bright yellow cast that was undeniable.  Even when I tried to cover it up with other powders it seemed to remain too much a a yellow hue for my face.

I wanted to love BANANA powder and to have skin like Kim Kardashian.  But, the struggle is real.  Banana powder simply does not work on my skin tone.  I do keep my yellow powder in my makeup drawer to pat on lightly to any redness on my face.  It seems I always have some degree of redness to deal with.  So, I do use it and will use the rest of what I have.  But, I will not be repurchasing it again.  What’s your experience with banana powder?  Does it work for you?




e.l.f. High Definition Powder


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