FACEBOOK beauty GROUPS obsolete



FACEBOOK has many issues of late.  But, I will be focusing on beauty FACEBOOK GROUPS specifically.  The purpose of FACEBOOK GROUPS is so people can share thoughts and ideas with many people they may not be able to meet or share ideas otherwise.  The concept of FACEBOOK GROUPS is a great thing.  It is truly fantastic to connect with others around the world with similar interests.  But, alas…  This is not whats happening.

There are problems with makeup and beauty related FACEBOOK GROUPS.  Many state some of the following ‘rules’ if you wish to be a ‘group member’:


  1. People will get kicked off the beauty FACEBOOK GROUPS and blocked if they include any links in a post.
  2. If a person is a makeup or beauty blogger they are absolutely not allowed to add a link in any posts that will direct people to their blog or any other blog.
  3. If a person joins a beauty FACEBOOK GROUP they are NOT allowed to contact members through PM (private messaging) to tell group members about a beauty/ makeup blog or redirect them away from the beauty FACEBOOK GROUP page for any reason.  It is said if the FACEBOOK GROUP administrator finds out anyone is doing this they will be banned by the group, by anyone you contacted in the group and some groups even say they will let their ‘many makeup contacts’ know they should also ban you.
  4. As a beauty FACEBOOK GROUP MEMBER many groups also state it is not allowed to name any specific brands of any specific products that may direct readers to a different site for any reason.
  5. And of course directly selling any beauty based products is prohibited on beauty FACEBOOK GROUPS.


So, this is my thing.  When did everyone get so against beauty bloggers?  And how is anyone supposed to credit anyone anymore for information shared?  It makes it quite impossible to reference anything on FACEBOOK GROUPS with all of the existing rules listed above.  The thing about the internet and bloggers specifically all we have going for us is a possible link at the bottom of a post to maybe link someone to our article or home page.  As a blogger without that link referring people to my article there is no possible way for readers to know where the information originally in the FACEBOOK GROUP came from.

What good are facebook groups if they don’t support members communicating freely, if the group is not fun and if the group threatens people saying they will get banned if they don’t follow the ‘rules?’  Why be part of a group at all if you feel constrained and can’t be free to say what you wish?  I am a member of a couple makeup FACEBOOK GROUPS but I don’t post on them often.  The responses from other members tend to be few and far between.  Are FACEBOOK GROUPS ?  No.


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