endless search the perfect NUDE lipstick



These days I don’t think much about finding my perfect shade nude lipstick.  But, it took me a long time to get there.  A real long time with many epic fails.  It seemed like all these women had these great lipstick colors that were their ‘go to’ nudes.  But I could not find mine.  It indeed was a frustrating experience to buy so many ‘nudes’ and have them be the wrong shade.  After what seemed like forever I actually gave up and decided there was not a ‘nude’ for my skin tone (my skintone is actually neutral not yellow and not pink but a mix of both).

Once upon a time I was on the search for NYX round lipstick in ‘thalia.’  It was an absolute obsession to find this color because so many qstores were out of it for whatever reason.  I had never swatched it but wanted it.  Then one day I found it at Target in mint condition and my obsession was instantly over.  After a few days after I brought it home I got around to putting it on my actual lips.  To my surprise ‘Thalia’ was clearly my nude.  I’m so not a ‘pink’ lipstick girl I never would have guessed.  If anyone had told me a mauve shade would be my ‘nude’ I would have rolled my eyes.  But, the truth is any mauve shade similar to ‘thalia’ will ultimately just work with my skin tone and will look good with anything I wear.  That’s the beauty of finding the perfect nude lipstick, it’s easy thoughtless beauty.

At this very moment ‘thalia’ is in my purse carried with me everywhere I go for emergencies.  I can throw it on with or without a mirror and I’m good.  Since that first day ‘thalia’ came into my life I’ve bought several different shades of mauve with great luck.

If your having trouble finding your personal nude don’t give up.  Sometimes the shade you feel will not work will turn out to be the best choice.  Keep an open mind and keep trying on different shades.  Your personal nude is out there!

*This brand and shade lipstick can be found in Mexico at Bellisima.


















    1. Ya… Just keep trying different shades to find what is best for you and what you feel comfortable with. Some people look better in peach nude hues while others need a more brown or mauve shade. At the beginning of my search I kept trying to imitate what looked good on other people. But, just because a shade looks good on someone else does not mean it will look good on me. Hard lesson learned. Good luck finding your perfect nude!

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