JELLY lipstick gone virual



This is a new makeup product to hit the internet that is being called jelly lipstick available at kailijumei $30 each. These products went viral almost 3immediately selling completely out until further notice.  But, not to worry…  There are other types of jelly lipsticks available on the kailijumei website to choose from such as the KAILIJUMEI LIPSTICK – DREAM PURPLE $30.  And the SUMMER SIMPLICITY LIPSTICKS are also available in 2 shades.

It’s important to keep in mind although these jelly lipsticks come in what seems to be different colors ranging from orange, red, green, blue and purple they all in fact show up the same hue on the lips.  It is said the formula changes colors according to your personal ph level and body heat.  This is kinda true.  Once the formula hits the lips it looks clear and it does in fact change color.  However, the color these lipsticks change to is a type of hot pink on everyone.  Ironically, the formula seems to look very much the same on everyone.  These lipsticks are quite beautiful and would make quite a unique gift.  If your lucky enough to get your hands on one please comment down below and tell everyone if you liked it!















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