70 question tag



This is a 70 question tag inspired by the Emily Rose blog.  It’s the first tag I have ever done.  I thought the questions were cool.  And I tag you to do the 70 question tag too!  And please if you do this tag let me know in the comment section so I can check it out.  Feel free to add photos!

*Please note* I did change/ add about 5 questions because I felt like it!




1.What’s the best thing that has happened to you this month?

  • I decided to be happier and more fulfilled by doing more art every day.

2.What’s the best thing that has happened to you this year?

  • I am renting a newer larger house.

3. What’s your favorite season?

  • Moderate weather…  We don’t really have seasons in San Francisco or in Mexico where I live now.

4.What’s your favorite holiday?

  • Christmas…  I love the lights in San Francisco in the center of town on a cold night after all the shops have closed.  And Christmas trees.  I could care less if there are any presents under the tree.  But, I love to see the a Christmas tree all decorated with blinking lights and all the ornaments.

images (1)


5.Would you ever live anywhere besides the city?

  • It depends…  I would never live more than 1 hour outside a large city for transportation (airport) and shopping reasons.

6.What’s your favorite ice-cream?

  • pralines n’ cream


7.Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

  • Yes, if I’m not in a hurry or irritated over something.

8.What’s your favorite dessert?

  • Anything with whipped cream.


9.Cake or Pie?

  • Pie a la mode


10.What’s your least favorite food?

  • Usually fish type dishes


11.What’s your favorite condiment?

  • mayonnaise is my love.

12.It’s brunch, what do you eat?

  • I down some waffles with fruit and cream on top, bacon, eggs and some muffins.



13.What’s your favorite color?

  • I actually prefer everything to be black and white.


14.What color dress did you wear to your prom?

  • white

15.Blow dry or Air dry?

  • Totally blow dry.  But, now that I live in Mexico where it is over 100 degrees every day my answer is air dry.

16.Do you think you’re strong?

  • No

17.Who’s a person you would love to have a coffee with?

  • Author Anne Rice.  *Side note* I actually got an email from Anne one time when I wrote to her to ask a question about publishing.  People always ask me if the email was really from her and not her assistant.  I do think it was from her and no one will be able to convince me otherwise!


18.When was the last time you cried?

  • When I was telling my boyfriend how Ole’ Yeller died in the book written by Fred Gipson just a few weeks ago.


19.Who’s the last person you texted?

  • One of my clients a few days ago.

20.Twitter or Instagram?

  • I don’t do Instagram yet.  But, I feel Instagram is great stuff.  I do Twitter and am not impressed.

21.Who should everyone follow right now?

  • Me

22.Had you ever had anything stolen from you?

  • Yes…  My purse was taken one time in a club.

23.Last country you visited?

  • San Francisco in the US.  I now live in Mexico full time but I grew up in San Francisco and go back there to visit.


24.Country you wish to visit?

  • I have a dream of going to Egypt with my boyfriend and seeing the pyramids during sunset while riding on a camel across the dessert.


25.First pet?

  • Dog

26.Do you have a pet now?

  • Yes, I have a dog.  And I hope to get a 2nd dog one day.

27.What is your pets name?

  • Brownie Bacon Pacassio…  a.k.a. ‘The Beast’

28.Favorite Disney animal?

  • Goofy

29.What are you doing tomorrow?

  • Working from home.

30.What are you most excited about in life right now?

  • Getting my residency in Mexico.


31.Whats your favorite book you have ever read?

  • The vampire & witch chronicles by Anne Rice, Summer of the Monkey and anything by Roald Dahl (author of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)


32.What are you completely bored of right now?

  • Beauty vloggers doing and the same material as everyone else over and over.  For example…  Is this makeup really waterproof, makeup hauls without review and Too Faced & Colorpop promotions.  I feel I will surely scream if I see another one of those videos.

33.What’s your favorite beverage?

  • coffee


34.What’s your favorite cocktail?

  • white Russian

35.What would you order at a drive thru?

  • Hamburger, fries, milkshake

36.What’s one thing you still have from your childhood?

  • A handmade toy wooden rabbit

37.What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

  • I really connected to Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.  Love the fashion and stories of those 2 shows.


38.What’s a movie that made you cry?

  • Don’t judge me. ..  Its a stupid dog movie my boyfriend made me watch called, ‘Hachi’


39.Who do you miss the most?

  • My grandmother

40.What’s something you can’t do?

  • Math

41.What are your nicknames?

  • Stac

42.What makes you laugh out loud?

  • My dog acting silly.

43.Heels or Flats?

  • I’m torn on this question.  It’s flats for walking around being normal.  But, its heels all the way when going out on the town.


44.What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

  • Moving out of the US to Mexico full time.

45.What’s one thing you’ve wanted to do but been scared of?

  • Not being able to do everything I want.

46.What’s one thing you’re most proud of?

  • Getting a BA

47.What did you want to do with your life at age 5?

  • I wanted to dance ballet professionally.


48.Dogs or Cats?

  • dogs

49.What’s the most important thing someone can learn?

  • It really does not matter what anyone thinks of you except you.

50.Bath or Shower?

  • shower

51.What’s your favorite scented candle?

  • marshmallow fireside and or anything salted caramel


52,If you could spend three months anywhere, where would it be?

  • France, Thailand or Egypt

53.Are you messy or neat?

  • messy

54.What’s the first thing you do each morning?

  • Brush my teeth and make a cup of coffee.

55.What do you have for breakfast?

  • These hard Mexican cookie things.  They are kind of like hard biscuits with sugar on them.

56.What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

  • Make sure all the doors and windows are locked and make sure the dog is okay.

57.What’s one skill you wish you had?

  • Sometimes I wish I would be better at IT type stuff.

58.What’s your favorite pizza?

  • Chicago style combination.

59.Describe your ideal man in 3 words?

  • bad ass
  • intelligent
  • good sense of humor

60.Who was the last person you spoke on the phone too?

  • my mother

61.At what age were you the happiest?

  • Thats a difficult one.  Sometimes I think it was high school even though I did not think so at the time.

62.What’s the last thing you ate?

  • Reeses candy bar

63.Where do you go when you need to be alone?

  • I walk in town or on the beach.  Or, I go into my home office.


64.What’s the biggest thing on your mind right now?

  • What I want to do with my life, making my makeup blog work, getting a 2nd dog, moving my family to another state and finishing my book.

65.What’s the best activity to do at home on a rainy day?

  • messing around on the computer

66.What are you listening to right now?

  • I like older easy listening music.

67.On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you about life right now?

  • Maybe 7 – 8…  But, I really don’t strive to be happy, I strive to be content.  I’m about a 9 for being content.

68.Is there a dessert you don’t like?

  • no

69.What is the farthest you have been from home?

  • Mexico

70.What job would you do if you could pick anything?

  • I’d like to blog for a living.  Maybe even have more than one blog on more than one thing.
















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