KyShadow eye shadow palette foul?


The Bronze Palette Kyshadow Kit…  $42



Shaaanxo – 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette…  $11


Okay…  So, the word is out on the The Bronze Palette Kyshadow Kit $42.  Again Kylie is having issues with her makeup line.  More than a few people are crying foul stating the Kyshadow palette is similar to be ignored when compared to the Shaaanxo shadow palette $11 available through BH Cosmetics.


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    1. Jacylin Hill did a review on the Kylie Jenner eye shadow palette and liked the pigmentation. Originally I didn’t think the eye shadow palette had hues that were mind blowing for the price of $42.

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      1. I would bet that the formulation would be good since her lip kits are good! I totally agree about the hues, I was actually surprised because there are quite a few gold tones, but I think of Kylie wearing more matte nude shades!


      2. The only thing I feel about the Kylie formulation is connected to price… I like to feel that all customers will get a good value for the money. A customer can buy 9 MAC shadows in any color they wish for $54 dollars (if MAC shadows are bought in store there is no shipping charge). Kylie is charging $42 dollars for her shadow kit not including shipping. If individuals love Kylie shadows I say go for it. However, I don’t feel at this point Kylie shadows can compete with a respected company like MAC. I honestly feel all the Kylie products should be offered at a lower price because of this.

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      3. I totally agree! I would much rather have multiple shades of MAC lipsticks than one shade of the Kylie lip kits! Her products seem very overpriced! Other brands do sell lipsticks at a relatively high price, such as YSL and Chanel, but even theirs are usually cheaper than Kylie’s and they are very reputable in the cosmetics industry!


  1. I have yet to buy anything from Kylie’s makeup line just because so many of the items have dupes for cheaper…but I do like her black metallic shade. I always go for darker colors.


    1. I actually like her black metallic shade also. Very pretty. I myself love dark colors. Take a look at the NYX NYX Macaron Lippies in the color ‘Chambord’ $6. A personal favorite of mine is the NYX WICKED LIPPIES in the color ‘cold hearted’ $6.


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