TARTE unicorn brush SCANDAL


TARTE unicorn brushes

to be released 2017



The makeup company TARTE posted new news on instagram stating they are releasing a new unicorn brush this coming 2017.  Okay, fine…  That’s cool.  But, there is scandal attached.  Supposedly another makeup company UNICORN LASHES UK reached out to TARTE on social media stating something to the effect of…  Hey, we already have brushes like this available with our company called the, ‘UNICORN BRUSHES – ULTIMATE UNICORN KIT.’  And we think you copied our idea.  Lawyers are supposed to be getting involved and everything.  The UNICORN LASHES brush kit by the way is adorable with multi pastel colored bristles and handles that look like unicorn horns.  I mean…  I don’t know what else to say other than too cute.  Ironically, the TARTE unicorn brushes ALSO have unicorn shaped handles and different colored hairs on the brushes.  Ummmm!
















  1. I’ve seen a picture of these brushes just yesterday and didn’t think it was legit, i thought it was an edited picture from tumblr to be honest. They are super cute but the one posted by tarte would probably be my choice to go for.


    1. I a lot of people prefer buying brushes from bigger name companies like Tarte. It is so difficult to come up with an original idea these days no one else has done before. But, the unicorn horn used on the handle from both companies is almost too similar to ignore.


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