scandel NikkieTutorials eye shadow palette



People are frustrated that NikkieTutorials put out an eye shadow palette made by Too Faced that has poor color pigment.  The palette in question is called. Power of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials $56.  Not cheap.  There have been gallery-1468260024-makeupdozens of videos showing swatches that are the total opposite of the beautiful perfect ones Nikkie shows on her arm.   So the question becomes is Nikkie ‘lying’ to her subs?  Or, is it just good business on Nikkies part?

Lets break this down…  Nikkie has her palette made by Too Faced which is a trusted company in the makeup industry.  She then slaps her name on a palette because…  well…  why the hell not.  Now Nikkie at this point has over 5,000,000 subscribers.  Nikkie will for sure get a percentage of the Too Faced palette because it does have her name on it.  And chew on this for a moment…  If Nikkie gets only $1 per palette and she sells a palette to only 1,000,000 of her over 5,000,000 followers guess what.  She will be a millionaire.  It’s a trip to think about it that way right?  So, do you blame her for making the palette colors look as good as possible?  Is it good marketing or is it bad business?















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