Okay…  Lets be real…  Yes, I have a PROBLEM and it is BIG…  Last night when I went out my makeup was on fleek, on point, snatched!  But, then everything we wrong.

Few things look more crappy than BLACK MASCARA smudging under the eyes and all over the face.  I can handle foundation fading, lipstick bleeding outside the lines and eye shadow disappearing.  But, not mascara melting!  Ya, I’ll be honest…  It happened to me just last night while out with friends on a busy night at STARBUCKS.  That’s right, the general public trying to slurp down their coffee minding their own business was also exposed to my makeup mishap.  In my own defense it was about 100 degrees where I live with almost 100% humidity . But, lets not make frecking excuses!  Lets try to find answers so innocent people don’t have to see black liquid uncontrollably dripping down other peoples mugs!  So, now that you know the awful truth lets pull it together to find the answers needed.  I’ve made it my mission to make a list of things which may help keep mascara where it belongs.  On the eye lash!




  1. Bake under the eyes
  2. Wear waterproof mascara
  3. Wear a clear coat of mascara over your normal mascara.
  4. Apply less mascara on bottom lashes or go no mascara on bottom.
  5. Clean off wand with tissue to get off extra product.
  6. Let each layer dry completely before applying the next.
  7. Stick to one or two coats max.
  8. Make sure foundation and or concealer dry before applying mascara.
  9. Mist lashes with makeup finishing or setting spray when finished applying.
  10. After mascara application apply a little powder over your lashes and any skin under your lashes.
  11. Stash extra makeup for touch-ups or clean ups during day.















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