why I do NOT do nyx butter lipstick




NYX Butter Lipsticks will set you back $6 each.  ULTA even carries more than 30 colors available online.  Wow!  I know some people swear by the NYX Butter Lipsticks but I can’t stand behind these lipsticks.  Let us explore why together…



  • Nice color selection.
  • Formula helps to keep lips moisturized.


  • Color fades extremely fast.
  • Too soft and creamy making it almost like applying vaseline to the lips.
  • Product tends to smear.
  • Lipstick color can be uneven due to extreme softness of formula.
  • When building color product tends to just move around the lips.
  • There are other lipsticks that keep lips moisturized without extreme smearing or fading.
  • Cost too high for basically a lip balm with color pigment.


My main thing is that I feel one can grab any Wet N Wild gloss or Essence lipstick and it will last longer than a Butter Lipstick for about half the price.  I truly feel few lipsticks can surpass the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick line.  The Super Lustrous formula is moisturizing, comes in 82 shades in matte, pearl, creme and sheer at $4.75 at Target.

Disclaimer…  This is my opinion based on my own experiences.  If you love or hate NYX butter lipsticks or anything else discussed or not mentioned here please feel free to comment, I would love to hear from ya!

















    1. You will not be disappointed. I swear I grab for Revlon ‘super lustrous lipstick’ more than most others. I usually also have a few emergency Revlon lipsticks rolling around the bottom of my purse just in case my lips need a break from my matte lipsticks.


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