best damn RED and BLACK shadow on market




You may or may not know of a brand called SUGARPILL.  This is an indie brand, you can purchase makeup products one their official SUGARPILL site.  Or, you may be able to locate some of their products online on various online makeup sites that offer cosmetics.  So…  Why should you care?  Well, most professionals having anything to do with the makeup industry will be quick to tell you SUGARPILL carries one of the most intense, bright, pigmented reds available anywhere on the market called LOVE  $13.






The another shadow SUGARPILL has mastered is a black hue that is ultra dark, saturated and opaque.  It goes by the name of BULLETPROOF $13.  I suggest you do not get either one of these colors if you don’t want a true bright red or a very dark matte black.
















    1. I didn’t even look at their pigments. Should check that out. They have a small 4 color palette I would love to buy but it is out of stock, it has shadows that are red, yellow, black and orange.

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      1. The ‘PRO PAN – PRESSED EYESHADOW’ individuals cost $10 dollars each which makes me feel a little better. But, I also really like the ‘BURNING HEART PALETTE’ $36 which has 4 great shades, sadly its out of stock right now. But, I’m keeping my eye on that one!


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