NYX turnt up! lipstick $4 dupe


NYX COSMETICS…  Round Case Lipstick…  $3.99



Let me start by saying this is not an attempt to bash any brands.  This is just my opinion on some lipsticks.  If you don’t agree with me it is complete alright.  You can even feel free the share your opinions below in the comment section.

Now that I’ve said all that let me say this…  I won’t be buying the NYX COSMETICS Turnt Up! Lipstick $5.99.  And let me tell you why!

I feel in my own opinion the NYX Turnt Up! lipsticks are not just similar but the exact same formula as the NYX Round Case Lipsticks $3.99.  The round lipsticks are $2 dollars cheaper and come in hella more colors!  Both lipsticks are a cream sheen formula, smell  the same and apply the same.

I challenge anyone out there to tell me I’m wrong and why in the comments.















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