Kylie, Kylie, Kylie…  What else can I say?  What the hell is going on?  How much should the general public be willing to take from a makeup company with no returns?

Lets look at the issue on hand here…  There is a new eye shadow palette called  THE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE KYSHADOW.  This palette is said to reak of chemicals similar to the fumes from a can of spray paint and or mix of car dent filler.  Some customers have stated that once they smell the strong scent from THE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE KYSHADOW they are afraid to apply the product to their eyes.  To add to the dilemma the KYLIE COSMETICS company does not really have a return policy in place.  Apparently customers have to write into customer service and wait to see if they get some type of response.

Beauty u-tuber DramaticMac made a video WARNING! My KYLIE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE SMELLS LIKE CHEMICALS!! about her bad experience with the THE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE due to the extreme shadow scent creating a concern.




DramaticMac. (2017, January 21)  WARNING! My KYLIE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE SMELLS LIKE CHEMICALS!!  [Video file]. Retrieved from
John Kuckian. (2017, January 23) KYLIE ODOUR ROYAL PEACH SCANDAL + DESI & LUSTRELUX EVACUATED FROM GEN BEAUTY!! [Video file]. Retrieved from


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