HOW MUCH online ESL companies pay?


How much online ESL companies pay varies greatly depending on where in the world they are located in the world, how large/ small the ESL online company is, how many paying clients they have, what the company expects out of the teacher and how much the company feels it can get by with paying the teacher to retain their services while still dangling a paycheck just within grasp if the educator accepts their terms of employment.

Having had worked with over 10 ESL online companies over the last 4 years here is a simple breakdown in pay…

  • CHINA = pays as low at $8.50 usd per hour and as high as $25 usd per hour.  You better believe with the $25 and hour job the pressure is immense, more on that later.  
  • RUSSIA = $8 – $15 per hour.  Anything above $9 per hour in Russia is considered very rare and takes years of experience to demand anything higher.
  • TAIWAN = $8 per hour.
  • EUROPE = $12 – $13 usd per hour.  In my experience I’ve never seen such a mass amount of misinformation as with Europe.  As with many things in life there may be some rare instances where certain companies will pay more than $12 – $13 per hour but this is not the norm.
  • PHILIPPINES = $7 – $20 per hour.  No, the $7 usd is not a typing mistake.
  • JAPAN = $12 – $15 per hour.


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