Kat Von D

Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette




Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette



On March 20 Kat Von D posted a video on u-tube titled, REAL TALK: DUPES vs. RIP OFFS.  Apparently some of her instagram followers brought to her attention that the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour – Light and Shade shadow palette $15 looks VERY close to the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette $48.

Soooooo…  Of course being the social media society we are these days Kat made a video for the world to see stating her displeasure with the entire situation.  She basically said Makeup Revolution ripped off her shadow hue idea and placement of the shadows in the actual palette.

Ummm…  So, there is something to chew on in the morning as your sipping on your coffee before the start of the day.  According to Kat brown and grey tone shadows are a unique idea?  And according to Makeup Revolution it is okay to call their palette Light and Shade when the Kat Von D palette is called Shade + Light?
















  1. I watched Kat’s video, and I don’t think she ever said that she owns those colours. I can totally understand her annoyance, that her design; colour selection, pan layout and name have all been very obviously copied. MUR are making profit from a copy. I don’t see a problem with offering a similar colour selection but coming up with your own design/name and offering it up as inspired by KVD (so you’d still get the market that want an affordable dupe). What are your thoughts?


    1. Ummm… This is a complicated issue. Being an artist myself I can see Kats point of view. I feel Makeup Revolution has every right to make an eye shadow palette with the exact same colors. I however do not feel they should copy the exact design and placement of the shadows. I do understand Makeup Revolution wishes for customers to see the connection between the ‘real’ original palette and the dupe. On the other hand, as a drugstore makeup person myself I can appreciate the fact that Makeup Revolution offers similar lower priced items to people who may not have the cash flow to buy high end.


    1. The Kat Von D shadow palette was released first. Makeup Revolution is known to copy high end brands. I’ve been told many a time Kat Von D shadows are superior. And I am thinking about purchasing one of her shadow palettes. However, to date I have only tried Makeup Revolution shadows of which I have many. In my opinion, Makeup Revolution shadows are nice and are great if used with the smallest bit of fix plus. I am especially fond of their ‘I Love Makeup’ line.

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    1. Yezzzz… I too love Makeup Revolution makeup, it is great stuff. I made my first order with them using their official site in the UK several years ago and was not disappointed. On the other hand, I can see how this type of thing would be irritating to Kat.

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