ESL online teaching requirements


It’s important for all ESL online teachers to figure out how much their time is worth.  You have to ask yourself a few important questions when thinking about accepting a job offer…

One of the questions I feel most people are prepared to answer is…  How much do I make per hour?  What about the ‘other’ job duties no one seems to talk about?  How many meetings per week/ month/ year are you required to attend?  More times than not online teachers don’t get paid for attending meetings.  Are the meetings just a few moments?  Or, do they run well over 30 minutes each time?  Does your job stability depend on you attending every single meeting?  It’s a legit question when your tired and feel like flopping face down on the couch or sipping on and ice cold beer after a long hard day of teaching.

I leave you with this question…  What is your time is worth and how much time are you willing to give for what amount of pay?

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  1. Being an ESL teacher is quite tough… Teaching a language and making the student speak in the language later on is quite a challenge! Time is surely a big factor and every minute you spend with the student is worth it!



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