LANCOME MATTE SHAKER LIQUID LIPSTICK Comfort Matte High Pigment Liquid Lipstick


The question of the day is will you be buying a LANCOME MATTE SHAKER LIQUID LIPSTICK at $22 a pop?  The first shakers released got all kinds of hype because they were too cute to look at and possibly paid vloggers to do videos on them. But, I am not sure on this and don’t know all big vlogger situations with the first LANCOME shakers released. I do know Lancome sent a bunch of vloggers including beauty guru Tati over to Paris for an all paid trip.  Hard to swallow a person not being swayed on a product if they get an all paid trip to Paris.  Other beauty gurus didn’t give good reviews to the first LANCOME shakers. Are you going to spend your hard earned coin on a $22 dollar Comfort Matte High Pigment Liquid Lipstick?  Or, will you be standing next to me in Target in the makeup section?

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