TOO FACED cosmetics why you do that?




First, Jeff Starr makeup artist and business owner released a rant on snapchat saying NickiTutorials only got about $50,000 on her THE POWER OF MAKEUP BY NIKKIE TUTORIALS limited edition palette even though the company Too Faced made millions of dollars.  Starr implied this was underhanded and in addition the Too Faced contract also stated she could not work with any other companies for income for the following 6 months.  Jeff Starr has since stated he will be releasing the actual contract between Too Faced and NIKKIE TUTORIALS.  We will have to wait and see how that plays out.

Too Faced has also been recently accused of poor customer service, releasing limited editions that aren’t limited because they are re-released at later times and just not being upfront in general.  Based on the Too Faced track record and or possibly other things which haven’t been brought to light yet makeup beauty vlogger Tati released a statement on her video, Nikkie Tutorials x OFRA Collab TESTED | Hot or Not ??? and said she would be banning all Too Faced products from her channel.  Oh-boy!  I will keep you updated on any further information on the situation.

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