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ESL online teaching… How low is too low?


A couple points to keep in mind about online ESL teaching pay.  Keep an open mind when reading this because the information may surprise you…

At times companies may offer lower pay.  If an individual is from North America that person may be quick to turn down a job position because the pay is ‘too low.’  But, I’d tell anyone to hesitate before turning down a low paying position.  Based n experience I would tend to say one of the main things you should look for how many hours the company is willing to fill per week/ month/ day.

If a company is open several hours per day and states they can fill whatever hours your willing to teach its possible to make a great deal of money.  Remember, a teacher can make $20 United States dollars per hour.  But, if a company can only give an instructor 1 hour every 2 weeks the teacher does not stand to make a great deal of money.

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